CheckMate Fleet


Check Mate Ltd. Fleet Management is a sophisticated and reliable solution which primarily focuses on B2B ventures. We integrate our technology with solutions of our partners in various business sectors. We offer customizable products that are designed to meet the unique businesses and the operational requirements of each client. Our system monitors fleet round the clock and generates regular performance reports that help our clients succeed with their business model.


• GPS/GPRS Technology
• 24 Hour Monitoring / Call Center
• Location
• Geo Fence / No Go Areas
• Route Deviation
• Container Load / Unload Sensor
• Trailer Door Alert Over Speeding Fuel Safety
• Seat Sensor
• Immobilization / Activation
• Battery Tampering Alerts
• Snatch / Theft Recovery Assistance
• Password Protected
• Panic Alarm
• Voice Communication (Two Way) Web Track
• Movement Report
• BASE STATION Bonnet Lock*
• Emergency Assistance Emergency Door Lock / Unlock